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If you are starting a family, or looking to move somewhere more family-friendly with your children, there are many options in England beyond London. This guide explores everything family needs to know about family-friendly cities, alongside which are the best cities in England to possibly relocate to. From good schools, local amenities to safe areas – ProperEaze has it all covered below.


What Makes a City Family-Friendly?

When thinking about what makes a city family-friendly, there are different things to consider. One of the key factors is that you are in the right area for good schooling. Whether you are looking to educate your children publicly or privately, you will need to think about which cities have the best schools. This will also help you when choosing which neighbourhood of the city to live in as you’ll want the schools to be easily accessible. Another factor you’ll want to consider are the transportation options, especially if you are commuting. You may want to look at the culture of a place to see if there are many clubs and organisations to get involved in. Think about diverse, supportive and inclusive communities.

Another thing to think about is the quality of life both for you and your children. Consider the amount of green space or access to nature. While it can sometimes be a good idea to raise children in the city centre, an urban childhood is very different from one where children can play safely outside. This is why smaller cities, which have plenty of greenery, make a family-friendly place to live.


Best Cities in England for Families

If you are selling your house to move to somewhere more family-friendly, below are some top options for family-friendly cities in England:

1. Brighton


Just an hour from London, you’ll find the coastal city of Brighton. Known for its famous beach and iconic pier, Brighton is also a cultural hub. There are hundreds of things going on in the city all year around, for all ages. From the Pavillion Gardens, to the sea front, to the South Downs National Park just outside the city, there are plenty of places to spend a weekend of family fun.

Not only that, but Brighton is known for high quality of life, great schooling and for being very safe. Hove, a suburb of Brighton, is especially popular with families. Brighton provides a good balance of city and nature for families, which is key for both parents and kids.


2. Oxford


Known for being home to the world-famous university, Oxford is a pretty, safe and peaceful city steeped in history. Its picturesque cobbled streets, pretty gardens and stunning buildings make it a lovely place to grow up and explore. Perfect for commuting, thanks to its proximity to London, it is ideal for working families. With excellent schools, plenty of city parks, and heaps of educational activities, Oxford is an excellent choice for raising a family. Summertown, Kidlington and Headington are especially great areas for families.


3. Bristol


Bristol is known for its arts and culture as well as its architectural. A medium-sized city, home to a beautiful cathedral and the famous Clifton suspension bridge, Bristol is a vibrant city with lots of family-friendly activities. Known as being one of the greenest cities in the UK, it is a great place for children to play outside and connect with nature. It is also home to Bristol Zoo Gardens, an excellent option for a family day out. The seaside is also just a short distance away. Bristol has some excellent schools and popular areas for families to live include Clifton, Redland, Montpelier and Sneyd Park.


4. Liverpool


Liverpool is known as being one of the most affordable cities to raise a family. With low cost of living, good job opportunities and some of the best public and independent schools in the region, it’s not surprising that living in Liverpool is very popular. With all the amenities of London, without the price tag, many families choose to relocate to Liverpool. Home to music, culture, maritime history, as well as beautiful countryside and beaches, Liverpool has plenty to offer families. Some of the best family-friendly neighbours are Aigburth, Childwall and Bowring Park.


5. Newcastle


Newcastle and the surrounding area is a great place to raise a family. Known as one of the most affordable cities in the UK, Newcastle has plenty to offer, from culture to sport to architecture. With lots of great restaurants and entertainment options, there is no shortage of things to do. Close to beautiful nature and the northeast coastline, there are ample opportunities to get outdoors for days of family fun. Not only that, but Newcastle also has great options for both public and private education.