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Although flats are typically more difficult to sell than a house, you can still make a quick sale on a flat in the UK. Although research shows that flats have a 31% chance of a successful sale (in comparison to houses which have a success rate of 43%), selling a flat fast is not impossible. If you are looking to make a quick sale on a flat, there are certain actions you can take to speed up the process.


How long does selling a flat in the UK take?

Data from Zoopla suggests that flats take an average of 50 days to sell: this is measuring from the initial moment that the flat goes on the market to the date that the buyers move into their home. That said, there are many variable factors impacting the speed of the sale and it will always vary on a case-by-case basis.


How can you make a quick flat sale in the UK?

If you want to sell your flat fast, you can make the process faster and more efficient by following these key steps:

Clean and declutter your flat

One of the key issues when selling a flat versus selling a house is the relative lack of space that they offer. Decluttering your flat before opening it up for viewings can help free up any space and make the flat appear bigger. Getting rid of any unnecessary clutter will not only help you when you come to move, but will make your flat seem more appealing to potential buyers. Make sure your flat is as clean as possible and that you have rid the flat of any junk or cumbersome items which could make the space seem smaller and more cramped.

At this stage, you should also remove any personal items; when people look around your home, they want to imagine themselves living there. If you have lots of personal paraphernalia, this makes it more difficult.

Make any quick repairs and home improvements

Fixing up your home before putting it on the market could hugely impact the time it takes to sell the property. There is no need for a large-scale home renovation before putting your flat up for sale; however, quick fixes such as a fresh coat of paint, fixing loose tiles or buffing scuff marks could make potential homebuyers more keen to buy your flat.

Stage your flat to create more space

As well as freeing your home from unnecessary clutter, make sure you think about the positioning of your furniture and decorative accessories. For example, you can space out your furniture in order to create the illusion of more space and make your flat feel less cramped. Removing rugs and adding mirrors in strategic places can also help to create the feeling of more space.


How can you sell your flat fast?

If you want to sell your flat quickly, you have a few different choices:

Estate agent

Working with an estate agent has lots of benefits; however, it is known to be a relatively slow process. Choosing a trusted estate agent, setting a realistic asking price, highlighting your home’s best features and having your flat sale-ready can help to speed up the process.


Selling your flat at auction can be quicker than working with a traditional estate agent; however, you could end up selling your property for far less than its value.

Use a cash buyer

For a quick flat sale, working with a cash buyer can speed up the process substantially. They do not need to wait for financing to be approved which means it is less likely that things will fall through.