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If you want to sell a property portfolio in one sale it can be an overwhelming task, but there are various options available. Before you decide to sell your property portfolio in one sale, make sure you consider the different options and weigh up the pros and cons of each of them.

This guide explores what a property portfolio is, how you can sell a property portfolio and whether it would be best for you.

What Is a Property Portfolio?

A ‘property portfolio‘ refers to a collection of properties that somebody might own. Usually this is for investment purposes; for example, they may rent the properties out or use them as security on various loans.

It can be a wise investment to have a well-diversified property portfolio including different property types across different locations; this can minimise risk across the portfolio.

Why Would I Want to Sell a Property Portfolio in One Sale?

You may choose to sell a property portfolio in one sale if you are looking to liquidate your assets rather than have them tied up in different properties. Additionally, you may wish to free up cash or downscale for whatever reason. Or perhaps, you want to invest in something else and use the money from the proceeds in order to fund your new investment.

How to Sell a Property Portfolio

When selling your property portfolio in one sale, there are usually two options:

  1. Selling with the current tenancy
  2. Selling after evicting current tenants

One of the biggest challenges of selling your property portfolio in one sale is finding a buyer who wants to purchase all of the properties.

How Can I Sell a Property Portfolio in One Sale?

If you want to sell your property portfolio in one sale, here are the different available options:

Find a Private Buyer

Finding a private buyer is always an option for a property portfolio sale. However, depending on the size of your property portfolio, it is unlikely that you could find a private buyer who would want to buy all of your properties in bulk, or who would have the funds available.

  • Work with a traditional estate agent – working with your local estate agent can be an option if you are looking to manage the liquidation of your property portfolio. Estate agents are experienced with multiple properties, have a large network of relevant contacts, and can offer expert advice. However, if you have properties in different locations, working with a local estate agent may not be a sensible option.
  • Use an online property management service – unlike traditional estate agents, online services are not limited by location meaning that they could manage multiple properties across different locations. They typically work out to be cheaper than high-street agents and could maximise exposure so that more potential buyers see the property portfolio.

Can I Sell My Property Portfolio in One Sale by Working with a Professional Property Cash Buying Company?

If you are looking to make a quick property sale, it could be a good option to work with a property cash buying company who would buy your property portfolio for cash. These services are known for their speed and aim to make the process as quick and seamless as possible. However, the exact time of the transaction will of course vary from portfolio to portfolio and will depend on multiple factors.

However, although this method offers the benefit of a quick sale, you may find that you sacrifice profit. Professional property cash buying companies usually sell properties for less than their market value. In fact, you may only get between 75-90% of your asking price.

Before deciding how you want to approach the sale of your property portfolio, think about your priorities. For example, is it more important to make a profit or is speed your number one priority? These choices will help you decide a strategy for selling your property portfolio.