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Stoke-on-Trent, located in central England, is a historic city known for its pottery industry, excellent museums, greenery and shops. With average house prices rising substantially across Stoke and other areas of Staffordshire, now is a great time to sell your home in Stoke.

If you want to sell a property fast, be it to upsize, relocate, or sell a property during a divorce, there are many ways you can speed up the process. Here we share our top tips to sell your house fast in Stoke.

What to Consider When Selling in Stoke

Reseraching the local area can be invaluable for a quick sale. It allows you to see what similar properties have sold for in recent months and what you might expect the value of your property to be.

Working with estate agents can also be helfpul as they can provide expert knowledge on the region and could help guide you in how to market your home for a quicker sale. Looking at your home, they can share what the demand might be and give an idea of how quickly you might be able to sell.

If you main priority is selling fast, for example if you are trying to get a probate property off of your hands, you could go directly to a quick sale company who can offer you a faster sale for slightly less of the market value of your property.


Stoke Quick House Sale Companies

If you are looking to sell your Stoke house fast, there are many different quick house sale companies which operate in the area and could help get you a fast sale. One of the benefits of working with these types of companies is that there is no need to prepare the house before selling and they will also handle solicitors and other legal proceedings, saving you time and money. By skipping the estate agent, you can also save money when selling your home.

House Buyer Bureau The Property Buying Company, The Stoke Property Buyer and Good Move are all quick house sale companies operating in Stoke which could help you with a fast sale. Even for less desirable neighbourhoods of Stoke, these companies can work to sell the property as quickly as possible.


How Can I Sell A Property Fast?

If you want to sell your property as fast as possible, you can be proactive in helping to speed up the process by making certain preparations. Make sure all the necessary documentation is ready for the solicitor and take time preparing the house for potential buyers to view. They need to think about any quick fixes or repairs that can be made before selling as well as how they want to present the house.

When preparing your home for viewings, you should consider the exterior of your home (curb appeal) as this is the first thing that viewers will see and first impressions count. This could include mowing your lawn, making any small repairs, repainting garage doors or window panes and even adding a plant to brighten up the entrance.

In the inside of your home, try to stage your furniture to maximise space and use lights and mirrors to create more light. Depersonalise your home and declutter the space to prepare it for viewings. If you have a bold colour scheme, think about adopting more neutral tones before inviting prospective buyers.


Can I Have a Quick Property Sale in Stoke?

With a blend of culture, history and beautiful nature, there is plenty in Stoke for prospective buyers to love. If you are well prepared, there is no reason why you would not be able to have a quick property sale in Stoke.