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If you are looking to sell your house fast, there are certain actions you can take to speed up the process. Do your homework before putting your house on the market and make sure that you are taking all the necessary precautions to sell your house as quick as possible.

Find below how you can sell your house faster.


How to Sell a House Fast

1. Be Sale Ready

When selling your home, you need to consider that a property chain can impact the process and slow the sale down. However, if you are sale ready (i.e. you are as ready as possible to buy), you can be ready to move homes quickly once you get a guaranteed sale. Being sale ready means that you are prepared; for example, you have already spoken to your mortgage advisor, you have a solicitor already lined up, and you have your relevant documents in order.


2. Get Your Documents Ready for the Solicitor

There are many relevant legal documents when selling your property. Having them ready will significantly speed up the process and save a lot of back and forth between you and your solicitor. For example, you will need legal documents, information about the property’s energy performance, any window and door certificates, warranties for your boiler and any building regulations certificates. It will also be your responsibility to check that you have a valid Energy Performance Certificate.


3. Depersonalise Your Home

When showing your home, potential buyers will want to picture themselves living in your home. Make it easier for them by removing clutter and any personal belongings. Knick-knacks and random objects will not only make your home seem more messy, but they will make the house seem too personalised. Make sure you have tidied these objects away before showing your home to any prospective buyers.


4. Think About Your Curb Appeal

First impressions count so make sure you look after the exterior of your house as much as you do with the interior. That means making sure the driveway is neat, mowing the front garden, adding a fresh coat of paint to the door, windowpanes, building and garage and fixing any loose roof tiles. If you want to go the extra mile, you could add a pop of colour by putting some well-placed plants and flowers.


5. Make Quick Repairs

Keep your home in good condition before putting it up for sale. Quick fixes, like fixing wonky shelves or loose fixtures, can make a world of difference. When buying a property, people want to feel like they do not have to fix anything before making themselves at home. The less there is for them to fix before moving in, the more likely they will be to buy the property. Speed up your sale by making sure your home is in top condition before showing it to potential buyers.


6. Work with a Reliable Estate Agent or Online Estate Agent

Think about who you work with before you set about selling your property. Working with a trusted online service or estate agent can help you during the proceedings. For example, if you know someone who has recently moved, ask them about who they worked with and what the experience was like. Consider different factors such as where your property will be promoted, whether the agent is proactive and what their proposed asking price will be.


7. Be Flexible

The more flexible you can be, the quicker the sales process will be. For example, when showing your property, make sure you offer a lot of availability so that more prospective buyers are able to see your property – this maximises your chances of a quick sale. If you are working with estate agents, make sure you cooperate with them and communicate effectively.


8. Highlight Your Home’s Best Features

Think about the most desirable features of your home – for example, do you live in a desirable area? Has your home been recently renovated? Do you have energy-efficient appliances? Anything that could be a desirable feature for someone buying a house should be highlighted in the property listing and associated photographs. Enhancing your home’s best features and drawing attention to its assets will make it more appealing to potential buyers and encourage people to come and view it.


9. Think About an Open House

Some estate agents choose to host an open house event. This may not be for everyone but it might be a good way to maximise the amount of potential buyers that can view your home and could also create a sense of urgency. It is a time efficient way for lots of people to see your home in one viewing meaning that you could reduce the amount of times you need to open up your home to show it to buyers.


10. Set a Realistic Asking Price

Be realistic about the asking price. It is important to get many different valuations so that you have a realistic idea about what the value of your home may be. Do some research of your own to see what similar properties in the local area are on the market for. You need to strike a balance so that the buyer feels like they are getting a fair deal, and that you are getting the profit that you need. If you want to speed up the sale, you can always consider offering a slightly more competitive price.