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If you are wanting to sell your house quickly, make sure you are prepared. There are certain actions you can take to prepare your home and speed up the process of selling your property.


1. Be Realistic About Your Asking Price

The number one error you can make when trying to make a fast sale is setting an asking price which is unrealistic. Research the local market to see what price similar properties in your local area are listed for. Think about a realistic market valuation of your property – one which is a fair price for the property’s condition, size and features. To speed up the sale, you can offer a price which is slightly cheaper than what it is worth – this means that it will be more competitive in the market and will likely drive interest.


2. Have Your Home Ready

There are many different stages that could slow down the property of selling your home. Having your house as ready as possible (i.e. it is ready to receive viewings, you have fixed any maintenance issues, you have made any aesthetic changes), means that you can start showing your home as soon as possible and increase your chances of receiving an offer quickly. Being prepared will also involve having a solicitor lined up, being well-informed about your mortgage and having your documents in order.


3. Neutralise Your Home

Before showing your home, make sure to depersonalise it as much as possible by removing any knick-knacks, photos or religious paraphernalia. Not only will this make your house seem tidier, it will also make it appear more neutral and make it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves living in the home.


4. Make Any Quick Repairs

When you put your home up for sale, it should already be in a good condition. If you have any loose fixtures, wonky shelves or cracked tiles, it could affect the value of your home and could impact how willing buyers are to invest in your property. If your home is in poor condition, it indicates to buyers that they will need to spend money and time on fixing it up which will make them disinclined to put in an offer.


5. Prepare All Relevant Documents for Your Solicitor

If you are working with a solicitor, they will do much of the hard work on your behalf. However, you can help them out by having any relevant documents ready – this will speed up the process substantially and save a lot of back and forth. Your solicitor will probably need information about the property’s energy performance, warranties for your boiler, building regulations certificate and window and door certificates. It is worth checking with your solicitor from the start what documents they will need so that you can be as prepared as possible.


6. Fix Your Curb Appeal

When preparing your house, the exterior is as important as the interior and first impressions really do count. Think about the first thing that potential buyers will see when visiting your home, taking into account the doors, windows, garage, roofing, front garden and driveway. You could even brighten up the view with a few well-placed shrubs or flowers.


7. Choose the Right Estate Agent

Working with a reliable and efficient estate agent can speed up the process substantially. Think about how much exposure you will get from working with a specific agent. Also consider how efficient the communication has been, how proactive they are and how much knowledge they have of the local area.


8. Accentuate the Best Features of Your Home

Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and consider what could be the most desirable features of your home. Think about what it could offer couples or a family. Have you had any recent renovations or installed a new boiler or appliances in the last couple of years? What is good about your local area? Drawing attention to your home’s best features will help attract attention from prospective buyers and get the offers rolling in faster.


9. Be As Flexible As Possible

The greater level of flexibility you can offer, the easier it will be to get a quick sale. Make sure you are communicating efficiently with your estate agent, solicitor, and mortgage advisors to ensure seamless processes. Offer the maximum availability you can for viewings to maximise the amount of prospective buyers who are seeing your home.


10. Consider a House Buying Service

House buying services can guarantee a fast and hassle free sale for your property. Regardless of the condition, size or property type, house buying services can help you sell your house quickly and handle the process for you.