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Does a fence increase a home’s value? In most cases, yes, adding a fence will add value to a property in the UK.

If you are looking for a way to quickly add value to your property, you may consider updating your garden fence. Not having a well-maintained garden fence doesn’t necessarily make the house harder to sell, but it is something worth considering.

Well-maintained gardens are in high-demand and attract buyers. Having a good-quality, stylish fence in your garden could help you sell at a higher price. A well-maintained fence, and one in good condition, makes a garden look more presentable. It also adds to the security of the house or property in question, making it more appealing to prospective buyers.

There are plenty of advantages to adding a fence to your home and will ultimately add value. Keep reading to find out more.

How Much Value Can a Fence Add to a House?

Prospective homebuyers are often willing to spend more on a property which has been maintained to a high standard. People looking to sell a property quickly usually spruce up the interior to make it look fresh, but you should not forget the exterior and garden.

A good-quality garden fence could increase the value of a property by up to as much as 20% if it has a particular purpose that appeals to buyers. However, it is essential to choose the right fence and keep it well-maintained.

Why Does a Fence Add Value to a House?

A fence may not be your first thought when trying to add value to your property. However, a fence with a relevant purpose can help attain a higher selling price. For example, a fence can attract buyers by:

  • Increasing security
  • Providing added privacy
  • Keeping pets on the property
  • Aesthetically upgrading the garden and exterior

Generally, adding a fence to a property will neaten the exterior up and also add more security. Consequently, making it more attractive to potential buyers, especially those with pets or children.

Should I Build a Fence on My Property?

It is not necessarily recommended to build a new fence on your property specifically to increase the property’s value. While a good-quality fence can add value, you cannot predict whether your fence will have the desired effect. That said, if the property has no fence or has one in a total state of disrepair, adding one will help make the property or house in question more appealing to buyers.

While some potential buyers with pets for example will appreciate a tall, secure fence, others may prefer a more stylish, smaller fence. A fence can be an extra perk to the right buyer, but you can’t know who your buyer will be. However, if you are renovating your garden anyway, or your fence is broken, consider which type of fence will be best to add value when it comes to selling your home.

Which Types of Fences Can Add Value to a Property?

There are a number of reasons why fencing can add value to a property. For example:

Stylish – A modern, stylish garden is a strong selling point for any property and can up the value of your home. A top-quality fence can significantly boost your garden’s aesthetic appeal. Try to choose one which matches the style of your home.

Tall – Potential buyers are likely to be attracted to tall fences. High barriers increase the home’s privacy and security. Many people ask: does a privacy fence increase the value of your home? The answer will always be yes. This is particularly appealing for families as it makes the garden safer for children and pets.

High-Quality – When building a new fence, don’t make the mistake of choosing a cheap, adequate fence, and be sure to get it installed professionally. A fence can only be an asset to your home if it is high-quality and durable. Choose high-grade materials to make a long-lasting, secure fence.

Well-Maintained – If you have a good-quality, stylish fence on your property, you will still need to ensure that it is well-maintained for it to add value to your home. A run-down, old fence will not be attractive to buyers and could even lower the appeal of your home. If you have wooden fences, use sealant to prevent rot and update the wood stain for a fresh look. For iron fences, wash regularly and use sealant to prevent rust.