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You may want to sell your house fast because of a breakdown of a personal relationship, an illness or death, or if you inherited the property. You may also want to be able to fund the purchase of a new property. If you are looking to sell your property in Birmingham, it is important to first understand the climate of the housing market in order to grasp an idea of how much your property may be worth, and how great the likelihood is that your property will sell as quickly as needs be. After this year’s Commonwealth Games crowned a period of substantial development throughout the city and its surrounding boroughs, and the continuing rise of job opportunities continues to excel the popularity of the area, Birmingham is currently one of the most desired spaces in the English housing market.

Thus, there is every likelihood that, given the correct preparation, you will be able to sell your house as quick as you may need to in the Birmingham area.

What Should You Consider When Selling in Birmingham?

When selling a property in Birmingham, it is important to consider your area-specific estate agencies that may be able to aid you in the specific necessity of selling your property fast. Quick sale companies are agencies which offer to buy your house quickly and at a discounted price, usually at around 85% of the market value of your property. In the case of selling your house as quickly as possible, these companies may offer an easy solution.

Birmingham Quick Sale Companies

Of course, despite their appeal, quick sale companies do have their disadvantages. Primarily, buying your house for less than it may be worth. However, if you’re top priority is to sell your house fast, you may be more lenient on the price. You may want to sell the house quickly because it, for example, is an inherited property. However, if you want to sell your house to be able to fund the purchase of a new property, you must consider if selling to a quick sale company is the most suitable option for you.

Nonetheless, if simply selling as speedily as possible is really the top priority, a quick sale company may be for you and in Birmingham, there are several such companies which could be considered. For example, Quick Move Now, Upstix, Smooth Sale, Fast Sale Today and The Property Buying Company are all quick sale companies that operate in Birmingham. Ensure that you consider several such companies to see which has the most reliable reviews, and which may be able to offer the best deal.

What Are Some Quick Tips to Sell a House Fast?

Beyond gaining a full comprehension of the Birmingham estate agencies, there are some general tips that can aid you in the process of selling your property fast. One of the most important steps to fulfil when putting your house on the market is ensuring that it looks appealing.

This particularly applies to someone who is trying to sell their house quickly as, if you want to immediately catch the eye of any potential buyer, it is important that your house is in a state where a buyer can envision themselves living there. In a survey of more than 2,000 UK adults conducted by YouGov, it was revealed that the most critical points for kerb appeal (the attractiveness of a property) were well-maintained windows and a roof in good condition.

It is thus important that you make any necessary repairs on your property. Your house must be well-maintained when you put it on the market, both to help increase the valuation of your property, and to ensure that it gets snapped up as quick as possible.

Will I Be Able to Sell My House Fast in Birmingham?

The Birmingham market has already been predicted to become the UK property market’s next big thing, according to the Daily Express. House prices are predicted to rise by 4.9 per cent annually for the next five years. Several factors, such as the Commonwealth Games and HS2 are likely to have impacted this rise by, namely, excelling job opportunities.

“The Birmingham area is becoming highly sought after, with the Commonwealth Games driving its profile and bringing thousands more high-earning jobs to the area”, says SO Resi’s director of residential investment Kush Rawal.

As a result, due to Birmingham being sought out as an increasingly desired housing market, there is a real likelihood that you may be able to sell your house fast. As there are also several quick sale companies operating in Birmingham, there will be agencies available to you that cater to the specific need of selling your house fast. But beyond these area-specific tips, here is a round-up of the top suggestions you will want to keep in mind in the process of your quick property sale:

  • Choose a good estate agent who advertises their ability to sell your house fast
  • Maximise kerb appeal by making your house more attractive, such as decluttering any mess or giving it a fresh lick of paint
  • Ensure that regular house viewings are being set up to aid you in selling as fast as you can and for the best deal
  • Make any necessary repairs to ensure that the property is well-maintained when going on the housing market