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Retirement is a big stage in one’s life, and one which might bring sudden or big changes. When people retire, one of the most important factors to consider is where they live. Whether a retiree considers downsizing, or moving into a retirement home, there are plenty of decisions to make. Yet, one important part of this process is choosing where exactly to relocate to in the UK.

Research suggests that following the pandemic in 2020, more and more retirees are now considering relocating. Retirees relocate either nearer to family and friends, abroad or even to new places for better quality of life. Keep reading to find out where the top 10 places in the UK are to retire.


What Is the Average Retirement Age in the UK?

The average retirement age in the UK is currently 64.7 years old for men, and 63.6 years old for women. Generally, people in the UK retire around the age of 65. Those that retire will then need to consider how they will fund their everyday life, bills as well as any rent or mortgage payments. Hence, retirement – while an exciting time – can be somewhat stressful in terms of finances.


Why Do Retirees Relocate?

There are many reasons why people decide to relocate during retirement. Whether it be finances, personal reasons or perhaps to be closer to family – there are many reasons why one might decide to have a change of scenery during their retirement years!

Some of the common reasons why people relocate is due to:

  • Crime rates
  • Affordability
  • Quality of life
  • Environmental reasons e.g. air pollution
  • Wellbeing reasons
  • Proximity to family
  • Desire for a community feel
  • Job opportunities

There are many reasons why a retiree may consider relocating. Here are ProperEaze’s top 10 places in the UK retirees can relocate to:


1. Wiltshire


Stonehenge, the famous prehistoric monument, on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England.

Population: 510,400

Why? One of the main reasons why retirees move to Wiltshire is because of its beautiful landscapes and landmarks. Wiltshire is voted as one of the best places to retire in the UK, due to its quaint yet exciting atmosphere. With plenty of historical landmarks to see, scenic nature to enjoy, Wiltshire is truly one of the most peaceful places to retire in in the UK.

Another reason why Wiltshire is such a great place for retirees is due to its low crime rates and affordable homing. The south is renowned for its expensive properties, however, the average Wiltshire home is valued at around £332,774.


2. Buckinghamshire


Hambleden village, near Marlow, in Buckinghamshire.

Population: 543,218

Why? Buckinghamshire is one of the home counties in England, with a large population and home to various major towns such as Marlow, High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Amersham and Wendover. One of the main reasons why Buckinghamshire ranks high is due to its many popular retirement homes and villages, which are built for retirees.

Therefore, retirees will likely feel a sense of community depending where they choose in Buckinghamshire. The beautiful landscapes, outdoor space as well as access to major towns and cities nearby makes Buckinghamshire a great place to consider.

3. York


York city, in North Yorkshire, England.

Population: 202,800

Why? York is voted not only one of the best places to retire in the UK, but to also live for both young working professionals and families. The city itself is a vehicle-free zone, so retirees can benefit from the clean environment and air. Not only this, but York is home to plenty of historical landmarks and heritage that retirees can enjoy.

According to the Telegraph, York is also one of the best places for retirees to stay active in the UK. For those looking for a better quality of life, and to improve their health and wellbeing, York is without a doubt a top contender to consider.

4. Dorset


Durdle Door, one of the most famous stone arches in the world, in Dorset, England.

Population: 426,516

Why? The combination of sun, sea and fresh air will certainly help one’s everyday quality of life. Living in cleaner areas, particularly those near the sea, has been proven to help regulate people’s wellbeing. Hence, Dorset, one of the most popular counties to retire in is in our top pick!

Dorset, famous for Durdle Door (as pictured above), its picturesque beaches and bustling yet peaceful sea towns and villages is a great place for retirees to relocate to. Wellbeing is often a priority for those retiring, and Dorset can definitely ensure a happy, healthy and active retirement.


5. Nottinghamshire


Market Square in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

Population: 823,126

Why? Nottinghamshire located in the East Midlands of England, is a great place for retirees and young working professionals and families to invest in. Home to over 65,000 university students, Nottinghamshire is definitely an upcoming area to invest property in – plus, house prices are considerably cheaper, valued at £234,274, than in other places in the UK.

Nottinghamshire can also provide a peaceful lifestyle, with its many outdoor areas such as the famous Sherwood Forest, yet can also provide plenty of things to do in the city of Nottingham and nearby areas. For those looking for a balanced lifestyle, Nottinghamshire is one to consider.

6. Somerset


The Old Church of St. Nicholas at Uphill in Somerset, England.

Population: 965,424

Why? Many retirees wish to relocate to a more calm and greener environment, which, Somerset is certainly one of the most popular counties that provides just this. Retirees that relocate to Somerset can take advantage of the clean countryside air, yet also get to other major towns and cities with the M5 being located nearby.

Currently, over 125,000 people in Somerset are retirees. Therefore, those relocating here will certainly be able to find like-minded individuals, also experiencing retirement, and find exciting clubs, activities and places to go and see!

7. Manchester


Aerial view of city buildings in Manchester, England.

Population: 553,230

Why? For retirees that would like the best of both worlds, then Manchester is the place to go. With a bustling city centre, home to famous football teams, musical heritage and plenty of activities to do and see as well as picturesque countryside just nearby – Manchester has it all.

Housing in the North of England is also more affordable. For those looking to downsize, Manchester is definitely somewhere to invest in, with many universities also being located in and around.

8. Norfolk


The Sandringham House, a royal residence, in Norfolk, England.

Population: 907, 760

Why? Norfolk consistently ranks high on lists for places to retire in. One of the major reasons why is because Norfolk provides a slow-paced lifestyle for retirees. The beautiful countryside, coastlines and landscapes are perfect for nature lovers.

Birdwatching, country or beach walks, visits to cultural heritage sites – there’s plenty of things to do in Norfolk for retirees. The average home in Norfolk also costs £307,000 – significantly cheaper than other nearby areas. So, another great place for retirees to relocate to!


9. Swansea


Swansea Marina, in Wales.

Population: 246,217

Why? For retirees looking for a friendly city to retire in, Swansea is somewhere to consider. Swansea is often considered a friendly city, with friendly locals, so retirees will feel welcome if relocating here. Located in the south of Wales, Swansea is also home to plenty of beautiful natural landscapes and coastlines – so, another great place for nature lovers!

Swansea, nevertheless, can also provide a more upbeat lifestyle with plenty of museums, bars, restaurants and shops to visit. Which, might be great for retirees that have family or friends visiting frequently.


10. Edinburgh


The Circus Lane Street in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Population: 548,000

Why? Transport in Edinburgh is particularly good, so for retirees wanting to get out and about in the city will find this relatively easy here. Approximately 25% of the population in Edinburgh are aged 55 and above – so, retirees will likely meet likeminded people here (as having a community feel is key for many retirees wanting to relocate).

Edinburgh is also home to plenty of golf courses, landmarks and shops retirees can enjoy. Another great thing about Edinburgh is that it’s always referred to as a friendly place – so, if you’re wanting to relocate to somewhere where the locals are friendly, Edinburgh is definitely one to consider.